Forms, Fees, Attendance, and Microsoft Teams – Oh My!

Need to complete your student’s forms or pay fees? Go to the Henrico County Public Schools’ website and click on “Online Services” in the upper left-hand corner. Scroll down for ALL online services.

RYCOR Online Forms: RYCOR online forms enables all HCPS families to submit school forms using a secure online website accessed through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please update/complete these forms by September 20.

School Fees: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, HCPS is waiving the laptop fee ($25), the science fee ($5), and the P.E. fee ($4)! Some other classes may still require a fee. Online School Payments (OSP) allows families of middle- and high-schoolers to pay school fees electron

Attendance Information: To encourage engagement and to communicate with parents about students attending each class, we will be sending emails daily if your child does not attend a class. We realize there are a multitude of reasons, but we also want to make sure you are aware.

If your child misses one or two classes due to an appointment, technology, or any other reason, you will receive an email from your child’s teacher letting you know that your child did not attend their class during that block. If you notify the teacher in advance, you will not get this email. In addition, please make sure your child completes the warm-up and any asynchronous work due that day by 11:59 pm.

If your child misses ALL their classes on a given day, AND they haven’t done the warm-up or any other asynchronous work by 11:59 pm, you will receive a notification from the school the following day.  If this is to be excused, you MUST call the attendance secretary, Ms. Lori Berry, at (804) 261-5015 with the reason for the absence.

Guest Login: To make sure we are all working in a safe environment, free of inappropriate online conduct, it is important that students log in to their virtual classrooms on their HCPS laptop with their Henrico school credentials. Effective immediately, teachers will not allow students to enter a classroom as a guest into their class. All students must log into Microsoft Teams using their HCPS assigned username and password. This ensures that they are properly recognized, authenticated, and verified to be admitted to a Microsoft Teams’ virtual classroom/meeting.