Yearbook Update


Hello, Moody Raider parents!

I hope everyone is well & safe during this strange time. I’m reaching out today about yearbooks – with updates, reminders & requests!

UPDATE: Yes, yearbooks are still going to be produced. Due to current circumstances with COVID-19, we can’t yet determine exactly how and when the yearbooks will be ready for distribution. But they will be produced and they will be distributed.

REMINDER: There is still a limited number of yearbooks available for purchase. You can place an order here:

REQUEST: This yearbook will be unlike those produced in other years because, obviously, this year is unlike other years. We want to acknowledge that and give students a yearbook that reflects their true experience during this time. To that end, I am requesting photos of your students quarantining at home, working on schoolwork, being their goofy selves, doing whatever they can to keep busy, etc. It can be posed or candid. There are many students, for instance, who participate in spring sports and won’t be able to this year. Maybe a funny posed shot would be them in their uniform or with their equipment, watching TV or playing video games? Feel free to get creative – or just send us what you have, regular life in front of a laptop, doing homework.

ADDITIONAL REQUEST: At the same time, we want to make sure the pre-COVID part of the school year is fully represented in the yearbook. If you or your child has any photos from school events, please send them my way. A lot happened before COVID happened, and we want to make sure the full year is celebrated and memorialized.

Photos or questions can be sent directly to me at

Thanks so much for your help!

Marc Heaton