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Summer Opportunities

July 14, 2020
Here’s an important reminder about summer review, enrichment, and remediation opportunities for your student. As part of the Henrico County Summer Season, we are offering robust activities in English, math, science, and social studies for your student to continue learning in a meaningful way this summer. These enrichment activities will be available from July 13 until August 6.

English – We want to make sure students are working beyond the summer reading this year.  As such, we will be providing activities across the literacy spectrum so that students can have an enriching experience this summer.

Math – Everyone IS a math person and every day we use math. Come join us and discover just how much it’s used. You will find activities that are relevant, engaging and downright FUN.

Science – Science is all around us and summer is a great time to use what you learned last school year and explore more about an area of science. The Science EdFlix activities will satisfy your curiosity and allow you to explore more science!

Social Studies – Have you been stuck at home for months on end? Tired of things being closed? Check out the offerings for Social Studies, and you will get to explore Richmond and the world.

Please visit our EdFlix site in order to find opportunities. It’s always a good idea for all students to participate in summer learning, but it’s even more important this summer. Please take a moment to review the summer opportunities for your student.

Camera Activation

July 14, 2020
Raider families,

This is just a reminder that if you have not had a chance to stop by school to get your camera activated on your school issued laptop, we are here Monday through Thursday 8:30-12:00 and 12:30-4:30.  The computer station is located on the bus ramp side of the school by door #7.

Denise Doss

Summer Reading at the Public Library

June 24, 2020

Summer Reading at the Henrico County Public Library is back! Visit One Henrico Reading Challenge to register today.

It might look a little different this year, but it is just as fun as ever. The first thing you will notice is that we have moved most of the program online. Although many of the ways our families engage with the challenge will take place offline, we feel that it is safest to track participation online. Recognizing this fact, we have eliminated as many barriers as possible. We have tried to make it so anyone can easily create an account on our Beanstack page (also available as an app on either Android or iOs devices).

For folks who do not have online access, our library staff is happy to help register and track participation over the phone.

Once folks get started, they can choose a variety of ways to participate:

  • Reading books
  • Submitting book reviews
  • Completing literacy activities

To help encourage engagement, we are featuring weekly $25 gift card drawings for local retailers as well as grand prize drawings for individuals who finish the challenge. Grand prizes include a family membership to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden as well as board game bundles for specific age groups: Preschoolers, Elementary-age Kids, Teens, and Adults.

Each person who completes the challenge will also receive a coupon for a free book!

As social distancing requirements and recommendations change, we will respond by providing more ways for kids and families to participate in in-person library programs. In the meantime, we hope that you will help us come together as One Henrico and keep Summer Reading strong!

Summer School Tuition

June 8, 2020
Dear Raider families,

I have GREAT news!!!  HCPS will NOT be charging tuition for any of our Credit Recovery or Remediation courses (Pathway 4).  Any parent who has already paid for the course, we are looking into how we can refund the tuition fees.

The actual registration process will be the same.  Parents will still need to complete the Online Registration form and submit the request to take the class. Once the paperwork has been completed a confirmation email will be sent.

Please know that tuition will still be charged to any Acceleration Courses.

Denise Doss

Summer Reading 2020

June 1, 2020
Summer Reading Kickoff
For the perfect way to start your summer, check out a video about the HCPS Summer Reading Kick-offListen and laugh as 15 of Virginia’s own authors, illustrators and community partners help YOU kick off a summer full of reading and fun. Visit the Summer Reading 2020 Kick-off Landing Page for elementary, middle and high school readers. All activities are optional, engaging and designed to encourage learners to read widely all summer long.

Raiders Represent!!!

May 29, 2020

Congratulations to the following students who won an award at the Virginia Junior Academy of Science Research Symposium:

Animal and Human Sciences

Aahana P.                                           1st Place

Penelope K.                                        2nd Place

Addison K.                                         Honorable Mention

Nitya K.                                               Honorable Mention

Chemical Sciences A

Mia N.                                                 2nd Place

Daniel L.                                             3rd Place

Chemical Sciences B

Zachary S.                                          1st Place

Emily Y.                                             3rd Place

Natalie X.                                           Honorable Mention

Monona Z.                                         Honorable Mention

Ecology and Earth Sciences B

Renn C.                                               1st Place

Anuj D.                                                2nd Place

Saanvi G.                                            Honorable Mention

Sania J.                                               Honorable Mention

Ankita M.                                           Honorable Mention

Engineering & Technology B

Camelia S.                                          1st Place

Jeremy B.                                           2nd Place

Ayush P.                                             Honorable Mention

Nihal P.                                              Honorable Mention

Peize W.                                             Honorable Mention

Human Behavior

Saniya S.                                            1st Place

Daniel Z.                                            3rd place

Risshi N.                                            Honorable Mention

Aviva P.                                              Honorable Mention

Emma S.                                            Honorable Mention

Math: Patterns and Relationships

Rohini M.                                          1st Place

Timothy P.                                        2nd Place

Neel G.                                               3rd Place

Alex P.                                               Honorable Mention

Physical Science & Astronomy

Apoorva S.                                        1st Place

Benjamin L.                                     Honorable Mention

Plant Sciences and Microbiology B

Cameron J.                                      1st Place

Aarushi R.                                       2nd Place

Brinda I.                                          3rd Place

Arjun M.                                         Honorable Mention

Aashka S.                                        Honorable Mention

Summer Academy Pathways

May 27, 2020
Good afternoon this is Denise Doss,

This message is about summer school options for all students who are currently in middle or high school.

Henrico County Public Schools is pleased to provide students with six pathways for continued learning this summer. These options involve “asynchronous” and “synchronous” approaches under the current health and safety guidelines.

·         Asynchronous learning is online or virtual learning with students that happens on students’ schedules. While the content and resources are provided by the teacher, students have the ability to access the content in a flexible time frame. Methods of asynchronous online learning include virtual pre-recorded lessons and pre-loaded resources.

·         Synchronous learning is online or distance education that happens in real-time delivered by a teacher at a specific time. Methods of synchronous online learning include video conferencing, teleconferencing, live chatting, and live lessons.

The six pathways that will be available to students, based on recommendations by teachers and counselors, are as follows (participation dates vary based on the option):

Pathway 1: (Parents and guardians will receive communication from teachers/school if students are required to participate in this pathway.) Asynchronous virtual opportunities for students. The students will continue in the course(s) they are working on; many of them will be missing one or more assignments. Teachers will monitor student progress on missed assignments and make adjustments to student records as assignments are completed. Teachers will provide frequent updates to students, parents, and guardians. (July 13-August 6). 

Pathway 2: (Students enrolled in Online Health and P.E. will receive communication from the online teacher in the near future.) Online Health & Physical Education. Virtual class meetings (teacher-directed) will begin with Health. Once schools are accessible, students will have an opportunity to obtain the necessary equipment to complete the PE portion of the course. (May 26-June 29)

Pathway 3: Online High School Acceleration with Virtual Virginia. These courses (Spanish I-IV, French I-IV, Latin I-III, Geometry, U.S./Va. History, English 12, Government, Earth Science and Economics & Personal Finance) will contain video segments, audio clips, whiteboard interaction, multimedia activities, and online discussions, as well as text. Instructors are available for telephone and online communication with students throughout the day. Courses include asynchronous and synchronous components. (Early Release: June 17 – July 28) 

Pathway 4: (Parents and guardians will receive communication from teachers/school if students are required to participate in this pathway.) Recovery (Henrico’s traditional Summer Academy offerings) will include online coursework, synchronous virtual instruction, and daily teacher office hours. (July 13 – Aug. 6)  

Pathway 5: Parents/guardians and students will visit EdFlix Season 3 to access. Online continued optional review and enrichment opportunities made available on EdFlix through the start of the new academic year for secondary students. Will include on-demand experiences for students with access to secondary teachers during virtual office hours (July 13-Aug. 6). 

Pathway 6: Online Economics & Personal Finance (EPF) through Longwood University will run June 15-July 11. The students will access online modules and lectures and be able to reach instructors via email. The W!se exam will be given remotely in a proctored, online environment.

Exceptional Education:

Exceptional education support systems will be provided for students with disabilities through options that run from July 13 through Aug. 6. One option is for students who meet criteria for extended-school-year services, and the other option is for students who do not qualify for these services.

Pathway 1: Students whose IEP teams have determined they qualify for extended-school-year services will have access to synchronous, disability-related services, and support through virtual platforms as outlined in their individualized education programs. These may include teleservices for speech, occupational therapy/physical therapy, counseling, consultation with special education service providers, and direct instruction through virtual sessions with an exceptional education teacher. (July 13-Aug. 6) 

Pathway 2: Students with a disability who do not qualify for extended-school-year services will have the same level of access to universal learning opportunities provided for all HCPS students. We will continue to support students’ access to both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities through audio versions of online text, closed captioning, and sign-language interpretation, as needed. 

Again, this message is about the overall plan and various options for students. You will receive additional communication from your student’s teacher or counselor about the appropriate pathway for your student.

If you have questions, please contact me at mawilson1@henrico.k12.va.us.


Denise Doss

Stay in the Loop

April 22, 2020



I hope everyone had a great weekend and everyone is staying safe and healthy at this time.  As an FYI since we are not at school, our staff members are using their personal phones to reach our Raiders.  If you receive a call from an unidentified caller, it is likely an MMS staff member trying to connect with you for various reasons.

With so much information being shared at this time, I wanted to take a moment to answer a few questions:

What is the difference between a Virtual Learning folder and an MP3 Recovery Plan?

The Virtual Learning folder contains optional re-teaching, remediation, and enrichment work for students to continue learning.  These assignments will not be graded but will receive feedback from teachers.  These assignments will not be included in the MP3 grade.

MP3 Recovery Plans contain optional assignments that students can submit to help improve their current MP3 grade.  These assignments are graded for accuracy and will be added to the student’s grade only if it improves.  Please submit assignments as they are completed so teachers have time to provide feedback prior to the Friday, April 24th deadline.

What is the difference between a verified credit and a high school credit?

A verified credit is connected to specific high school level courses that have a corresponding SOL test, (Algebra 1, Geometry, Earth Science, World History). Verified credits are required for graduation and are earned when students pass the course and the associated SOL.  Beginning May 6th, all work posted for these classes is mandatory to earn this course credit as well as the verified credit without taking the SOL.  

Other classes, ex. (Spanish A, Spanish B, Spanish II, French A, French B, French II, Art I, Independent Living, Tech Foundations, Exploring Computer Science, Intro to Game Design and Coding) receive high school credit but are not tied to an SOL test.  Beginning May 6th, all work posted for these classes is mandatory to earn this course credit.

What happens if my child does not complete the posted work for his/her high school level class?

Students are expected to complete this work so they can earn a verified credit and/or high school credit depending on the class.  If students choose not to complete the work now, they will complete it when we return to school.  Please encourage them to complete and submit these assignments in May to avoid overload when we return to school as they will also have assignments to complete in their new classes.

What if I want my child to repeat a high school level class next year and NOT receive the verified/high school credit?

This is still an option but the process has not been finalized.  As soon as we know this process we will let you know. 

When will we be able to get into the school to get items such as band instruments, PE clothes, and other personal items?

MMS remains closed at this time.  As soon as we are able to return to our building, I will share a pick-up schedule with staggered times for students to collect their items.

What happens to any money left in my student’s lunch account?

Those funds will roll over for use next year.

When will we get our spring pictures?

Strawbridge is working on a plan to distribute student pictures directly to families.  I will share their plan when it has been finalized.

When will we get our yearbooks?

At this time, we do not have any information about yearbook distribution.  As soon as that information becomes available we will share it with you.

When will grades be finalized for the 19-20 school year? When will my student receive a report card?

All grades will be finalized on May 1, 2020.  Information regarding accessing final grades and report cards will be forthcoming.

EdFlix will be your one-stop-shop for information moving forward regarding teaching and learning.  Please bookmark this site as information will continue to be posted and updated here.


Here is a link with FAQ’s that will continue to be updated that will provide information related to meals, technology issues, virtual learning, etc:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or Schoology message to any member of the MMS staff.

Be safe and have a great day!!!

Raiders Represent!

March 30, 2020

Congratulations to the following students who won an award at the Metro Richmond STEM Fair

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Aviva P.                                    1st Place

Risshi N.                                  2nd Place

Melody N.                                3rd Place

Viktor V.                                  Honorable Mention


Natalie W.                                1st Place

Brinda I.                                   2nd Place

Samantha L.                            3rd Place


Nivrita V.                                  1st Place

Pooshan C.                               2nd Place

Zachary S.                                3rd  Place

Emily Y.                                   Honorable Mention


Parth T.                                    2nd Place

Nihal P.                                    3rd Place

Nayan M.                                 Honorable Mention

Environmental Sciences A

Tomi G.                                    1st Place

Peiza W.                                   2nd Place

Sowmya N.                              3rd Place

Abhinav T.                               Honorable Mention

Helen H.                                  Honorable Mention

Environmental Sciences B

Renn C.                                    1st Place

Sherlin G.                                2nd Place

Sowmya N.                              3rd Place

Math and Computer Science

Sania J.                                    1st Place

Devesh K.                                2nd Place

Anooshka P.                           3rd Place

Medicine and Health

Ally L.                                       1st Place

Kavi R.                                     2nd Place

Sophia J.                                 3rd Place

Nishorgo S.                            Honorable Mention

Penelope K.                           Honorable Mention


Liah C.                                    1st Place

Aashka S.                               2nd Place

Skylar S.                                 3rd Place

Annabelle V.                         Honorable Mention


Camellia S.                             1st Place

Amish J.                                 2nd Place

Alex S.                                     3rd place


Sivani N.                                1st Place

Addison K.                            2nd place

And Congratulations also to all other students who submitted their project at the Metro Richmond STEM Fair.  GREAT JOB!


Ms. Mitchell

Service as Action Update

March 24, 2020

Please see the attached information regarding Service as Action Hours.

Service as Action Update.pdf


7800 Woodman Road, Henrico, VA 23228
Phone (804) 261-5015 | Fax (804) 261-5024
School Counseling (804) 261-5019

School Hours: 8:35 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Half-day dismissal time: 12:10 p.m.

School Administration:
Denise Doss, Principal
Stephanie Hoppin, Associate Principal  
Carmen Waterford, Assistant Principal

Timothy Lewis, Assistant Principal