Raiders Represent: VJAS!

Congratulations to the following students who won an award at the Virginia Junior Academy of Science Research Symposium!

Animal and Human Sciences

Sivani N.                                       3rd Place

Nikhil A.                                       Honorable Mention

Manushi N.                                  Honorable Mention

Viswanath S.                                Honorable Mention

Chemical Sciences  A

Aaryan A.                                 1st Place

Alexander D.                           2nd Place

Ankita M.                                Honorable Mention

Chemical Sciences B

Monona Z.                               1st Place

Nithya R.                                  2nd Place

Annabel T.                               Honorable Mention

Ecology and Earth Sciences A

Nitya G.                                    Honorable Mention

Ecology and Earth Sciences B

Gayatri G.                                 1st Place

Skylar S.                                    3rd Place

Engineering & Technology A

Rachel D.                                  1st Place

Shorya M.                                 3rd Place

Elizabeth K.                             Honorable Mention

Engineering & Technology B

Viktor V.                                  3rd Place

Yash S.                                     Honorable Mention

Pranithi T.                              Honorable Mention

Parth T.                                   Honorable Mention

Human Behavior

Aashka S.                                 1st Place

Risshi N.                                  3rd place

Jonathan B.                            Honorable Mention

Eric H.                                     Honorable Mention

Math: Patterns and Relationships

Grant L.                                    1st Place

Kate B.                                      Honorable Mention

Plant Sciences and Microbiology

Laasya K.                                 Honorable Mention

Vishnoy V.                               Honorable Mention

Congratulations to all other 7th and 8th graders who went and competed against other middle school students in Virginia.  GREAT JOB!

Ms. Mitchell