Raiders Represent!

Congratulations to the following students who won an award at the Metro Richmond STEM Fair

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Risshi N. – 1st Place

Sastha T. – 2nd Place


Irene J. – 1st Place


Laasya K. – 1st Place

Diana T. – 3rd Place

Chemistry A

Asthana A. – 1st Place

Ankita M. – 2nd Place

Jillian T. – Honorable Mention

Chemistry B

Julia W. – 1st Place

Aaditi P. – 3rd Place

Sreebala S. – Honorable Mention


Natalie X. – 1st Place

Isabella K. – 2nd Place

Yash S. – 3rd Place

Earth and Space Science A

Shruti V. – 1st Place

Parth T. – 2nd Place

Environmental Science

Tamas G. – 1st Place

Gayatri G. – 2nd Place

Skylar S. – 3rd Place

Sania J. – Honorable Mention

Anmol M. – Honorable Mention

Mathematics & Computer Science

Anooshka P. – 1st Place

Sanika R. – 2nd Place

Medicine and Health

Nitya K. – 1st Place

Nihal P. – 2nd Place

Sivani N. – 3rd Place

Laksith M. – 3rd Place


Sowmya N. – 1st Place