MMS Students Share the Love of Coding

Ahhh the places we go to spread our love of Coding…

Did you know that members of the MMS Coding Club has been sharing their love of coding to a few of the HCPS Elementary Schools this year?
The first opportunity was when MMS Coding Club was included in the first CS (Computer Science) to ES (Elementary Schools)  program. This is where selected middle schools in HCPS was invited to lead in a coding day at the East Laburnum Recreation Center, on March 27th, with selected students that attended HCPS Elementary Schools. The MMS Coding Club members shared their knowledge of the MIT APP Inventor, using the android mini tablets that CapitalOne donated to the Moody Coding Club, in December 2017. The following Coding Club members that volunteered to support this event was: Kennedy G., Nailah H., Brittany Q., Rishika R.,and Rachel S.

The next opportunity, came as an invitation from Rivers Edge Elementary to attend their STEM night, which was scheduled for April 12th from 6pm to 7:30pm. The MMS Coding Club members had the opportunity to work with students from K-5 on the site and learn on the play lab game. A member of the MMS Coding Club name Rochan Sonti also shared  a game that he designed using Raspberry Pi. The following Coding Club members that volunteered to support this event was: Nikhil A., Armaan A., Jeevan C., Shishira N., and Rochan S. 


Special thanks to all the MMS Coding Club members that shared their love of coding.

Ms. Karen Logan, Business & Intormation Techology Teacher