2017 Virginia Standards of Learning Math Cup!

Moody Middle students dominated Week 1, 2, 3 & 4 in the 2017 Virginia Standards of Learning Math Cup! In the 26 days of the contest, Moody bested all other Henrico and Virginia schools in the competition, with 6th grade students completing 1,564 math lessons, solving 29,189 complex math problems, and spending a total of 480 hours on math in this contest sponsored by Imagine Math.

The most prestigious category is the SOL TOP THINK awards. These two students completed the most math lessons with the highest on grade-level pass rate, in addition to putting in the highest total math time. These students are recognized for their hard work and received a special commemorative certificate and a Kindle Fire tablet.

Heera Rajiv

56 lessons attempted

98% grade-level pass rate

25 total hours worked

18 hours outside the school day

Siri Saligrama

86 lessons attempted

91% grade-level pass rate

40 total hours worked

31 hours outside the school day

During the month-long contest, Moody had students whose work shone throughout. The Standards of Learning Top Problem Solver Awards students are recognized below. These are students that solved more than 500 math problems during the competition, listed below with the number of problems they completed:

Peyton Via 519, Charles McKenna 553, William Richardson 560, Chloe Wang 568, Natalie Dike 577, Zachary Bittner 579, Ciaran Jones 601, Thaovy Mai 661, Ella Forlin 686, Aaryan Saxena 716, Harold Jacobson 977, Heera Rajiv 1042, Miranda Lutchman 1044, Brooke Thompson 1076, Marlise Lucas 1104, Andrew Pitt 1111, Armaan Abbas 1280, Lauren Lukacs 1510, Siri Saligrama 2607

Congratulations to Mr. Mosley, whose math students excelled in this innovative program under his encouragement and leadership. Congratulations are due to each student who participated in this math-learning program in any way! Click here to see how you can work on Imagine Math this summer. See more pictures below: